Recording studio Wirral

Recording Studio for singers making a Demo CD or Song Demo in Wirral

Our recording studio in Heswall, Wirral is ideal for singers to record tracks for distribution on-line or CD.

We can offer advice and support to help get the best out of your session and how to deliver a a great song demo, band demo or demo CD.

Singer package

Our two hour package is only £75.00 and includes:

  • Time recording in the vocal booth with headphones and listening back to the tracks in the production room.
  • Three copies of the finished CD

We can help you decide on the purpose of your demo CD – is it to give a CD to venues to get more gigs or perhaps you want tracks for downloading from your web page or social media pages to build-up your fan base.

If we know what your objective is then we can help to determine which tracks you should record and their recording style.

Reasons for recording a demo CD or song demo include:

  • To send a CD to venues to get more gigs
  • Produce downloadable songs for your band website or social media page
  • To produce a CD to sell at future gigs
  • To demonstrate your technical music ability
  • To send a CD to a record company or radio station
  • To sell your music on iTunes or other online retailer
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Recording studio Wirral


Record studio Heswall

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Background information for recording a Demo CD

Recording DeskYour first demo CD may only be 2 or 3 songs – so make them count. Remember to select the best material to meet your objectives. A more technically advanced piece of music may impress future band mates, but that simpler track with a killer hook could be just what audiences want to hear.

If your CD is intended to demonstrate how you sound at a gig, try and achieve a hi-fidelity recording of your live sound using the same arrangement you usually play live.

If you want to demonstrate your versatility and technical ability, think about a multi-layered approach and develop your tracks to include additional effects, instrumentals and backing vocals.

Practice! So you will maximise your studio time and ensure you walk away with the best possible results. Ensure that everyone knows the songs inside out and can play their piece with minimal mistakes.

Talk to your recording engineer – If we know what your expectations are, we can plan your time in the studio and ensure that you walk away with a result you are happy with.

Musical instruments – New strings give a bright and clear sound to a guitar, so restring a couple of days prior to your studio session – this allows enough time for them to settle. Make sure guitars are setup correctly – check the intonation and action, this will help ensure a consistent sound and reduce unwanted noises such as fret buzz. Make sure you have batteries for any equipment your bring.

How long does it take to record a Demo CD? – This depends on many factors such as how many songs are being recorded, complexity of the tracks and how much post-production work is required. Actual instrument recording often only accounts for only 33% of the process. Editing, mixing and finalising needs to be factored in and budgeted for.

What is the recording process? – A typical session may include making a click track to set the rhythm followed by drums, the main rhythm sections of guitars, bass and keyboards with solos added afterwards. Once the backing track is complete, lead and backing vocals are added plus any additional tracks that are required. Editing, mixing and finalising – Never underestimate the time required for the post-production of your demo CD. We will need to clean each and every one of the audio tracks you recorded, looking for unwanted sounds, unused space and balance the tone of your sound adding reverberation, compression and effects.

The mixing process involves balancing the volume levels of the different elements of the tracks to achieve the desired sound.

Mastering will add polish to your performance. It is important at this stage to double check that we understand the desired format for the finished product as this will determine the setup for the finalised CD.

Have a clear plan on the day and Remember to have fun!