Starlight Youth Theatre

Dance Festivals

12 May – Supernova Dance Festival at the Epstein Theatre.

Starlight takes part in various dance festivals through out the area. Pupils can audition to be part of the various troupes who work with our four dance teachers and choreographers. The troupes, split into different age groups take part in the festivals.

Dance Festivals

Supanova Dance Festival

We run our own Supernova dance festival and have done for the past three years.

We invite dance schools from all over the north west to attend a fun friendly competition.

Schools that have taken part are:

  • Plus more…

We have an independent outside adjudicator who score and award trophies. For the past two years it has been held at the Gladstone theatre. So popular this year it will be held at the Floral Pavilion!

Dance Festival results

We have a great record at Dance Festivals – see our results below:

Supernova Dance Fiesta 2016

  • Won under 6 ballet with Frozen
  • Musical theatre 7-10 years Aladdin: 3rd & 4th place with Charlie medley and pirates – 7-10 years modern jazz and tap catagory
  • 3rd place Queen 11-13 years modern jazz and tap catagory

Wallasey Dance Festival 2015

  • TEAM 1: Oriental delight choreographer Amy Clark – Honours
  • TEAM 2: Toy box choreographer Amy Clark 1st
  • TEAM 3: Geeks choreographer Zoe Taylor 4th place
  • TEAM 4: Happy feet choreographer Zoe Taylor – Honours
  • TEAM 5: Flight Control choreographer Lisa Connor

Wallasey Dance Festival 2014

We entered 7 teams in the Wallasey Festival of Stage Dance, Saturday 12 April:

  • TEAM 1 Alice Under 10s. choreographer Amy Clark
  • TEAM 2 Great Gatsby under 10s choreographer Lisa Connor
  • TEAM 3 Bollywoood open choreographer Lisa Connor
  • TEAM 4 Rhythemnation under 14s choreographer Claire Radford
  • TEAM 5 Kanya open choreographer Claire Radford
  • TEAM 6 Nothing like a dame. all boys open choreographer Steph Miles
  • TEAM 7 Cabaret/Chicago open choreographer Steph Miles

Wallasey Dance Festival 2013

  • LITTLE DIVAS – Choreographer Lisa Connor – second place with Honours
  • RETRO SONG AND DANCE – Choreographer – Steph Miles – highly commended
  • DUCK POND ALL BOYS – Choreographer – Jon Kindon- highly commended
  • BOLLYWOOD – Choreographer Lisa Connor – fourth place with Honours
  • MIX -Choreographer Claire Radford – Honours

A good result for all who took part.

Wallasey Dance Festival 2012

  • First place – Dance off – Under 10 category – Choreographer Steph Miles
  • Third place – Men in suits – Open category – Choreographer Jon Kindon
  • Fourth place – Charlie Mix – Under 14 category – Choreographer Claire Radford

North Cheshire Dance Festival 2012

  • Second place – Dance off – under 9 category – Choreographer Steph Miles
  • Fourth place – Charlie Mix – Intermediate category – Choreographer Claire Radford
  • First place – Stomp – Open category – Choreographer – Jon Kindon
  • Highest open category marks of the competition – Stomp – Brandon trophy

Dance Festivals

Wallasey Dance Festival 2011

Oldershaw school, Wallasey, April 2011

Under 10 years

  • QUEEN MEDLEY – 4th Place choreographer Claire Radford

Under 14 years

  • JAMES BOND TROUPE – commended choreographer Lisa Connor
  • BUDDY HOLLY TROUPE – honours choreographer Claire Radford
  • RHIANNA TROUPE – honours choreographer Claire Radford
  • LYRICAL TROUPE – honours choreographer Claire Radford
  • 13 TROUPE – 3rd place vocal coach/choreographer Steph Miles

North West Dance Festival 2011

Ellesmere Port Civic Hall, Ellesmere Port

May 2011

Under 10 years

  • QUEEN MEDLEY – 3RD Place choreographer Claire Radford

Under 14 years

  • JAMES BOND TROUPE – honours choreographer Lisa Connor
  • BUDDY HOLLY TROUPE – honours Choreographer Claire Radford
  • RHIANNA TROUPE- 3RD PLACE Choreographer Claire Radford
  • LYRICAL TROUPE – honours choreographer Claire Radford
  • 13 TROUPE – honours vocal coach / choreographer Steph Miles

Dance Festivals