Starlight Youth Theatre

Drama Festivals

All pupils will get to audition for roles to take part in the Drama Festivals, we try and encourage as many pupils as we can.

27 April – An Evening of Drama at Heswall Hall.

July 6 – Kids Rock at the Floral Pavilion, New Brighton.

We have a great track record winning awards each year.

Drama, Dance and Singing


The Leverhulme Drama Festival 2018

  • Winner 12 under. Happily Ever After – Written by Jack McGraw, directed by Jacqui Miles
  • Winner Adjudicators Award – Shakers re-stirred – Written by John Godber, directed by Jacqui Miles
  • Winner best actress Jemma Barnes for Shakers
  • Winner best comedy performance Paige Peach for Happily Ever After

The Leverhulme Drama Festival 2017

  • Winners under 12 category
  • The Godmother – directed by Jamie Jones
  • Winner of Val Marshall Endevour Award
  • It will be alright on the night – written by Jacqui Miles
  • Winner best actress – Lexi James- the Godmother

The Leverhulme Drama Festival 2016

We swept the board!

  • Winning under 12 with Memory of Lizzie – receiving the highest marks of the whole festival including Adults
  • Winning under 16 with Adrian Mole age 13 and 3 quarters
  • Best comedy actor Oliver Cunliffe
  • Best actress Medal Nicole Palka

Drama Awards



  • Winner of under 14 category
  • Nominations for best actor and actress


Results from the Festival for our production of Pushy (under 17 Category):

  • Winner adjudicator award for writing and directing: Jak Malone
  • Winner best Actor: Ethan Tyler
  • Winner best comedy: Oliver Cunliffe
  • Runner up of whole festival

Results from the Festival for our production of Liz (under 14 category):

  • Adult and Juniors best comedy performance: Joe Glover
  • 4 nominations for best Actor
  • 3 nominations for best Actress
  • Going to the all England Winners Championships in Isle of Man in July
  • Starlight won 4 out of 6 Trophies

Leverhulme Drama Festival 2013

Once again pupils from all the Starlight centres auditioned to take part in this event.

The competition took place at the Gladstone Theatre, Port Sunlight on 12 April. We had two great pieces in this event THE GOLDLAKE ACADAMY GIRL written directed and produced by Steph Miles and OUR AMY written by Jacqui Miles, directed and produced by Jon Kindon. We came away with awards for the following:

  • Winner under 12 – The Goldlake Acadamy Girl
  • Winer Best team – Our Amy
  • Best actress Katie Marrin for Old Nan in Our Amy
  • Best comedy performance Oliver Cunliffe for The Goldlake Acadamy Girl

Leverhulme Drama Festival 2012

  • Winners Adjudicators award – Bouncers written by John Goober Snr.
  • Winner best actress – Amy Clark for Love war and music written by Steph Miles Snr.
  • Winner best comedy – Goodnight children everywhere written by David Foxton

Lever Drama Festival

Lever Drama Festival

Lever Drama Festival

Leverhulme Drama Festival 2011

We had three entries this year:

  • HAPPILY EVER AFTER written and directed by Jack Mcgraa  – under 14 category
  • TRAPPED directed by Jack Mgraa – under 21 catagory
  • SLEAZIJET written and directed by Stephanie Miles  – under 21 category

Our awards include:

  • Winner under 14 Category
  • Winner under 21 Category
  • Winner Best Comedy
  • Winner Adjudicators Award

Leverhulme Drama Festival 2010

We had two entries this year:

  • AND ACTION written by Dan Roth directed by Laura Milns under 14 category
  • THE KIN written and directed by Stephanie Miles under 21 category

Our awards include:

  • Winner Under 21 Category
  • Winner Best Actor – Katie Donovan

Merseyside Drama Festival 2010

Unity Theatre, Liverpool

  • Both entries won ‘Highly commended’

Leverhulme Drama Festival 2009

  • Winner Best Actor – Jack Malone

Leverhulme Drama Festival 2008

  • Winner Best Actor
  • Winner Under 21 Category

Previous Years

  • 2007 Winner Best Actor, 2007 Winner Senior Category, 2007 Winner Junior Category
  • 2006 Winner Best Actress, 2006 Winner Senior Category