Starlight Youth Theatre

I.D.T.A Examinations

Exam results in 2013

We achieved a 100% pass rate at merit and above for 130 pupils. To attain these results pupils have to pass with a score over 82 which marks a great achievement.

Exam results in 2012

We achieved a 100% pass rate at merit and above for 150 pupils.

Exam results in 2011

Starlight pupils had the chance to take I.D.T.A. dance examinations in May 2011, under the leadership of dance teacher and choreographer Claire Radford.  Exam dances where taught as part of the weekly dance class and pupils who wanted to could take an exam.  The result was outstanding with 100% pass rate:

  • 20% of pupils gained Honours
  • 50% of pupils gained Highly Commended
  • 30% of pupils gained Commended

This meant that all pupils passed with marks over 75.

The examiner wrote personally and told us how thrilled she was with the discipline and manners of all the 149 pupils who took part in the exam.

We are holding the second examination session very soon, please call us for details.